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In the future, please go to the new blog. This version will no longer be updated. Unless I get a strong urge.

Licking Wifey

I do believe I could spray one in my shorts if given the opportunity to lick Wifey’s ass

Longrod Flow

A few sexy romps to the the longrods flowing today…

lesbian picblue eyes picMovieslesbian pic 2

Boobies and Satin

Try not to shoot any on the ceiling when you check out Nextdoor Nikki aka Nikki Sims over at We’ve seen Nikki before, but damn it’s good to (all of her) again.

In the Crack

I would volunteer to stick my face in there.

Licka Licka

I’m still fascinated by Misty Anderson’s lesbian activities. Is she gay, bi, fake? She seems to like licking those bungholes, fellas. I know you watch it, just try not to get bent out of shape :)

Yummy Carli

I’ve been watching Carli for awhile now. In the way an old disgusting pervert watches nubile young women while thinking dirty thoughts. I really like how her boobs jut right out in the sunshine. Carli, Carli, you so fine:


I Am a Dirty Ass Sniffer

When you bend a chick like Misty over and eat her out from behind, one of the best things about it is how your nose automatically gets jammed up in her bunghole. It’s not that you mean to, it’s not that she means for you to, it’s just how it works. You may at the time think – oh gross. Or maybe you think – gee, smells a little funky. But later on, after she has dumped you and you hate yourself for your failures, you will think back to that asshole-nose event… and you will whack off. Again and again.

Kara Dildos and Amazes

There is a pic in this set of Kara pulling her pants on out in the parking lot by her car. I think it is pic # 15. Go look at it. If your dick does not stand at attention, there is something wrong with you. I know some of you guys (and girls?) like hardcore action, but the softcore stuff often leaves enough to the imagination to encourage you to look at the details. What an Fing body!

Kara Dildo Pic

Sniff the Seat

I just love the way Denise has those short shorts stuffed up into the crack of her ass. Now if we could just convince her to climb on a bike and get that bike seat up in there… I’d sniff it when she climbs off. Yep, I’m a perv.

Denise Milani Pic

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